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At mid-day on 19 November, a 90-minute press conference was held that frankly should change America.  It should usher in a surge of outrage and open demands that the corruption that has plagued this nation, and centered itself in government and other key industries, must come to brook.  One of those key industries is the mainstream media, and that group predictably rolled out the spin machine to caste aspersions against those who convened the presser.

The statements made at the conference outlined a very complicated fraud, that was likely carried out in the 2020 election, and the depth and width of the information is chilling and angering.  It was alleged that several counties in America, all of them located in Democrat-controlled large cities, experienced over-vote rates up to 350%, meaning that in these counties up to 3.5 times more ballots were cast in the 2020 election than there were people registered to vote in those counties.  Other such counties experienced 150% to 200% such over vote tallies.  These are not small deviations from reality, but perversions that by themselves indicate deep flaws in how those votes were arrived at.

Happening in just one county is shocking, but Rudy Giuliani detailed where it happened in several counties, and individually accounted for millions of ballots cast in the election, all swinging almost entirely in favor of Democrat candidates, more than enough to reverse the current election outcomes.  But, that is just one of the major assertions.

Giuliani then cited a few of what he says are hundreds of sworn affidavits filed by people of both parties, election workers, poll watchers, and even people employed by the voting machine company that is fast emerging as a focus of corruption itself.  Two of those many people agreed to allow their names to be read to the media, along with their sworn statements at directly observing gross violations of election law.

One swore to personally observing approximately 100,000 mail-in ballots that were trucked in to a Philadelphia counting center the night after the election took place, that lacked proper postmark certifications, were collected in garbage cans, and other unofficial and dubious receptacles, and were entirely cast for Joe Biden, and lacked any vote indicators for other elections.  This means these ballots merely filled out the mark for the Presidential election.  The percentage of voters who cast ballots with merely one choice, ignoring all the others, is exceedingly rare, well under one percent.  So, for there to be around 100,000 such ballots in one mass dump is statistically impossible, and for these same ballots to all go for the same candidate is also statistically impossible.

It's far more plausible that these ballots were manufactured by mass production means, completely illegal, and certainly not legitimately cast votes by people actually registered to vote in Philadelphia.

Giuliani then cited other sworn statements as to the well documented cases where Republican count observers were accosted, threatened, thrown out of the counting centers by law enforcement, denied permission to re-enter in violation of presented court orders, and herded into detention areas well removed from the counting efforts, all in gross violation of state election laws.  These observers were not cited for conduct violating any reasonable standards of behavior, but for simply asking a probing question about a ballot of questionable status, the very duty they are there to perform under state law.  Add in the multi-state outrage that official counts publicly announced as suspended on election night, were in truth actually continued in secrecy, and one has a very powerful argument about organized voter fraud.

Then, the press conference took a turn into the sinister, as former US Attorney Sydney Powell took to the podium to lay out an opening argument suitable for a court of law, as she announced the sordid ownership and historic conduct of the company Dominion Voting Systems, as well as allege that the company used voting machine software developed by Smartmatic, a company founded in 1997 by Antonio Mugica, Alfredo Jose Anzola, and Roger Pinate.  Smartmatic technology was used to carry out a 2004 Venezuelan Recall Referendum.  The initial vote result tallied the requisite number of votes to initiate a formal removal effort to oust then President Hugo Chavez.  But, controversy raged when those initial tallies were significantly modified by the Smartmatic software to reverse the outcome of that referendum, sealing the fate of Venezuela to live under a Communist tyranny, likely for generations to come.

All three founders of Smartmatic are native of Venezuela, and graduated from Simon Bolivar University, and have extensive connections to the Bolivarian government of Venezuela.  The key point of contention between Giuliani and the mainstream media is whether or not there is an affiliation between Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems.  For its part, Dominion denies any connections.  What Dominion cannot deny is that they have a deep history of political associations, including significant lobbying efforts using people associated with current Georgia governor Brian Kemp.  While that does not suggest corruption, it does further the intrigue as to why Dominion was selected in rapid order to supply the lion's share of voting machines in Georgia in 2019, and made ready for the 2020 election that is now in question.

Sydney Powell has a long history of solid legal work, both as a defense attorney as well as a US Attorney.  When she stands before the public and asserts that she has evidence of systematic computer-based voter fraud, it should be looked at with an objective eye.  Among Powell's statements is that after the critical precincts in Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania publicly announced that they were suspending counting, at around 22:00 eastern on voting night, and told election observers to leave, there were huge spikes in machine tabulated votes, tabulations carried out in total secrecy, devoid of any outside observation, as required by state laws.  These increases were tabulated in a near vertical projection, indicating that these votes were counted in an instantaneous manner, inconsistent with the sort of reviews and normal protections of a proper election tabulation.  These spikes were more consistent with software-derived vote manipulations, that instantly changed vote tallies, vice relied upon objective feeding of ballots into the counts.

This was also the same middle of the night timeline as the three trucks that arrived with 100,000 new Biden votes in Philadelphia.  Recall that at about 10pm on election night, when the count in Pennsylvania was officially suspended, to supposedly resume the next morning, Donald Trump had a lead of 800,000 votes, an over five percent lead in the announced tally, with less than six percent of the total vote tallies announced as outstanding.  Yet, within a few days, that lead evaporated into a deficit of tens of thousands of votes.  Statistically, this would indicate that nearly all of the outstanding votes went for Biden, an outcome that simply flies in the face of historic vote trends.  Even the deepest of blue counties in America contain between ten and fifteen percent of solid conservative voters.  One could claim that 60 to 70% of mail-in votes favored Democrats, but one cannot reasonably assert that the margin was effectively 100% Democrat support.

In fairness, it is one thing to make public statements, such as were made at this press conference, but another to take the evidence into a court of law and present the arguments.  Both Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell, along with other former US Attorneys such as Joe DiGeneva and Victoria Toensing, have a lot to lose if the US Supreme Court rebukes their testimonies and court arguments.  These four have stood before the public and made sweeping and powerful statements of systemic vote corruption and illegality.  They will without question receive their day in court, to present their arguments and evidence.

It would be ideal for the American media to dig into this story, to lay out in detail the ownership strings existing with Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic, as well as the contractual agreements that may or may not have been created between these two companies.  Subpoena of corporate records appear in order now.  It is time for Dominion to prove the source of their machine software, which they claim was entirely in house, and not procured from any outside sources.  On the other hand, if Sydney Powell has direct evidence of a contract that exists between Smartmatic and Dominion, then given the media's and Dominion's repeated denials, that would be damming evidence of a criminal conspiracy.  Powell indicated she has such evidence.  We shall see.

So far, the media has provided a unified statement that the electronic votes were not transmitted to overseas locations, and then transmitted back to American election officials.  They have claimed that Dominion and Smartmatic have no affiliations whatsoever.  The four most senior lawyers working for the Trump campaign beg to differ, and say they have sworn statements from hundreds of people, including employees of Dominion Voting Systems, that say differently.  Objective minded people would prefer that the media report exhaustively on the actual origins and ownership hierarchies for these two election systems companies, vice make simple statements rejecting the assertions of connections.

It's time to present these arguments in court, and it is time for the US Supreme Court to step up and fulfill its sworn duty to examine this evidence, and consider objectively whether the 2020 election was rigged by a pre-meditated conspiracy.  We know this much, Donald J. Trump earned ten million more votes than he earned in 2016, the Republicans have so far lost merely one Senate seat, currently standing at 50 seats, with two more critical runoff elections in Georgia pending, despite having more than twice the number of seats up for contest, and the Republicans picked up at least nine seats in the House.  By that measure, and considering the huge successes of down ballot state and local election results, all except the Presidential election has been a stirring triumph for the Republican party, and a significant repudiation of the Democrat Party, especially against those who call themselves the Democrat-Socialists.

What this may well indicate is that it is difficult, but not impossible, for a small group of well-funded and well-coordinated conspirators to rig parts of a national election.  But, with the huge and unprecedented number of ballots showing selection for a pitiful few of the contests printed on those ballots, and the rapid spike of disturbingly sourced ballots counted in secrecy, combined with the near unanimity of who benefited from those strangely sourced ballots, it shows that no group of people can rig the entire election.  The disparate election results, contrary to historic trends, shows that something fishy happened.  It also may well be the best evidence of that conspiracy, because when conspirators have to gin up a lot of votes, very rapidly, the details are overlooked, and in haste sloppy mistakes happen.  Those overlooked details, those rapid spikes in vote tallies, the sworn affidavits alleging illegal conduct, and the sordid history of select Democratic dominated election precincts, all provide a roadmap to ferret out the truth, and present it to the courts.

Ninety minutes that may change America.  There's a lot riding on the effectiveness of our courts.  Let's all hope they are up for the task.

-- Ken Stallings

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