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Ah to own a pet ferret!  If you've never owned one you really cannot appreciate the experience.  A ferret is a unique animal.  He's not as interested in pleasing his owner as a dog, so the title of man's best friend is safe.

But a ferret is a delightful animal, always curious, always wanting to explore and get into everything.  And when a ferret gets his little mind on wanting to do something, no force on earth will divert him from his desires! 

He will absolutely earn your admiration for his dogged determination.  Ultimately, however, the most special aspect of a ferret is when his little play button is pressed and at that point, it is full on ferret energy as he bounces around the house.  It is a delightful spectacle to watch.

So, with that in mind, here are some video clips of our little bundle of white energy, Paco, the albino ferret.  The files are WMV format and should work with Windows Media Player.  (Note:  Paco passed away last year as he lived a long life for a ferret, and his memory continues on in these videos.)

Paco discovers the trash can! (WMV 5Mb)

Paco romps around the house! (WMV 44Mb)

Paco gets sleepy! (WMV 10Mb)

Paco fights the flowers! (WMV 18Mb)