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The downloads linked here are freeware.  However, they are copyrighted under provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).  All rights are retained.  You are authorized to download these add-on's for personal use.  However, do not host them on other websites without my written permission.

Downloads for Flight Simulator 2004 and FS-X

 Lancair Legacy panel update:  Adds GPS/NAV select switch

  FS-X Lancair Legacy panel and thumbnails: Creates FS-X compatible panel and thumbnails

  Cessna 172N Skyhawk (by Jerry Beckwith):  Creates and installs a realistic flying Cessna 172N 180hp aircraft.  (For FS2004)

  Cessna 172N Skyhawk with Garmin 1000 panel:  Creates files for a 172N to versions work with the FS-X standard and FS-X Garmin 1000 avionics packages.  (For FS-X)  (Thanks for Jerry Beckwith for the flight dynamics files.)

  Cessna 172N 733CZ Livery by Real Old Salt:  Installs custom livery for actual N733CZ aircraft.  Requires  Flight One 172R payware aircraft.  Designed by Rich Murray (aka Real Old Salt).

  Cessna 172N 733CZ livery for default FS2004 Skyhawk:  Installs custom livery for N733CZ for the default FS2004 Cessna Skyhawk.  Designed by Rich Murray (aka Real Old Salt).


Downloads for Combat Flight Simulator 2

 Crimea Campaign for DCG Requires Dynamic Campaign Generator (legacy software from Eastern Front Design Team, no support offered)

Kursk & Stalingrad Campaigns for DCG with Seasons:  Combined Kursk and Stalingrad campaign files.  Seasons utility allows change of CFS2 landscape to fall, winter, and spring colors to supplement default summer.

USD Romania:  Utility installs all required items to allow you to fly as a Romanian pilot in CFS2 -- needed for Crimea DCG Campaign.

 Complete Pfeil Campaign:  Installs campaign files plus SimTECH    Do-335 Pfeil, Fw-190D, and Spitfire aircraft.

  SimTECH Do-335 Pfeil:  Installs freeware SimTECH aircraft (compatible with FS2004).

  SimTECH Fw-190D:  Installs freeware SimTECH aircraft (compatible with FS2004).

  SimTECH Fw-190D and Spitfire:  Installs both SimTECH freeware aircraft (compatible with FS2004.)


Downloads for Combat Flight Simulator 3

  Modified Europa Campaign configuration file:  Installs a modified Europa campaign that facilitates a more historically realistic outcome.


Downloads for IL-2 Forgotten Battles

   PBY Escort mission:  Custom add-on mission where you takeoff and protect a PBY Catalina from prowling Luftwaffe fighters.