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Military science teaches the concept of asymmetric warfare, where to defeat an enemy, one seeks out strategies to counter their forces, using methods of a different nature, often beyond the capability of the enemy's skill level to counter.  One of the more common examples is close air support, where aerial forces employ weapons using tactics that the enemy lacks the methods to counter. 

It is said that warfare is politics by a different means, but in the United States, it seems sadly clear that politics is now warfare by a different means.  It is time to recognize that the concept of a loyal opposition ceased to exist in the nation when the Democrats decided to form their so-called resistance movement, as though suddenly the US Constitution was torn asunder when Donald Trump was elected President.  For so long have some Dems repeated this lie, that one wonders if they've started to actually believe it.

Regardless, when a group of people decide to declare war on you, it is mandatory you respond in kind. 

A year ago, the Dems showed the depths of their hatred for the Constitution when they unleashed a campaign of lies and smear tactics against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  The confirmation process for this judge was a two part affair.  Part one failed to land any blows against Kavanaugh because there was nothing weak in the man's credentials.  Then, before the Senate Judiciary Committee could hold their vote to send his nomination to the full Senate floor for what was sure to a be a totally partisan, but successful confirmation, California Senator Diane Feinstein stepped up to her microphone to deliver a so-called bombshell accusation that she received notice of a witness against Kavanaugh, accusing him of rape.

The ensuing spectacle diminished the entire Senate, and revealed to the nation how willing Democrats were to concoct grand conspiratorial lies to besmirch good people to achieve a political ambition.  This is the sort of campaign waged in war.  After the smoke cleared, it was rendered unmistakable that the accusations were fraudulent, and Kavanaugh was victimized by conduct that would normally warrant strong lawsuits for slander and libel.

Republicans now have been handed a golden opportunity to advance the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, and they need to remember the past and conduct this advise and consent hearing, and then the final floor vote, in such a manner that no such repeat of the Democrat smear campaign is possible.  Let the Democrats toss and turn, and spew sound and fury, and ensure it remains meaningless. 

When the Democrats advance an emotional argument, pre-consider the effort to be a fabrication, ignore it totally, and instead remain focused on the objective record of judicial achievement, which makes Judge Barrett a highly qualified nominee for the high court.  When the Dems attack her Catholic faith, ignore it, and press on as though nothing was said, because, in fact, nothing important was said.  When they proffer objections, slap the gavel down and defeat it, and move on with the next set of questions in the committee.  If they try nonstop objections, slap the gavel down and order the Sergeant-at-Arms to remove the offending Senators.  If the Dems choose to walk out on the committee, or even the floor vote, bid them adieu and vote on.

This is political asymmetric warfare.  Deny the enemy their intended platform.  Play a different strategy, one they cannot counter.  Trust the American people to remain fair-minded, and focus on doing what is best for the nation.  Earn the peoples' trust by performing Constitutional duties as they are written, not as they are misrepresented.

One week of Senate interviews, followed by one week of committee hearings, followed by a floor vote, is frankly all that is needed.  Anything more just gives the Dems more opportunity for their Kabuki theater, and we need resolute confirmation, not spectacle.  While these hearing progress, ready armed security to counter a sadly predictable use of organized violence to prevent Barrett's confirmation vote.  Any basis for political niceties evaporated in the heat and smoke of thousands of buildings burned, and hundreds of innocent people attacked by six months of Democrat inspired, and perhaps Democrat orchestrated, mass violence.

You don't play nice with an enemy.  It's sad that we have reached this point, but you operate in the environment you live in, not the one you wish you lived in.  If the Republicans perform their sworn duties, using the mandates the people handed them in 2016 and 2018, then a month from now the US Supreme Court is back to the requisite nine Justices, with a solid Constitutionalist majority for the first time in over a generation.

The Democrats can hate it all they care to, but they provided their on undoing when they decided to abandon the Senate filibuster rule years ago when they considered it in their power interests.  In terms of any future mandates of power, one hopes they rue the day even more when their experiment with anarchy and rioting as a political tool infuriates the American people, who deny them further political power.  If the people needed any further reminders of how much the Dems are willing to tear everything up, their public threats to stack the Supreme Court is another clear example.

When children throw temper tantrums, wise parents apply the rules even harder.  When elected politicians declare warfare against their opponents, you don't reply in kind, you embark upon asymmetric warfare.  Now's the time.

-- Ken Stallings

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