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Certain events galvanize a public, and offer an unquestioned proof of the need for swift change.  Pete Stark (D) -- Representative of California, has offered such a mandate.  It is best to provide a direct opportunity for people to see the evidence for their own eyes and ears.  Therefore, I invite you to click this link below and then return here for the rest of my perspectives:

Pete Stark video at a town hall meeting

As an elected representative at any level, if you cannot muster the mental discipline to genuinely respect the views of those whom you disagree with, then you are ill suited to hold the elected office you sought.

In America, political power is a purely voluntary institution. You choose freely to throw your hat into the ring; even the phrase reflects the voluntary nature of the action.  The phrase itself is an accurate summation of the original act where people stand around and discuss who their representative should be, and several people decide to literally take off their hats and throw them into a ring on the ground as a public announcement of their intentions to run for elected office.

Pete Stark revealed a totally corrupted mindset -- corrupted by sheer arrogance and condescension. And by doing this, he proved himself unworthy for office. That arrogance was enough.

However, he compounded his arrogance with personal ignorance of essential facts.

First, as the narrative proclaimed, certain laws he referenced were repealed many years ago. As a legislator, it is his job to know the law.

But worse, rather than show genuine desire to understand his opponents, and through that action reveal that fine art known as statesmanship, instead Stark showed the political and intellectual curiosity of a stone wall, with all the charm of a rattlesnake!

These people like Stark are walking billboards proclaiming the imminent need for term limits. They are walking reminders of the wisdom of the truism that "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

This nation needs a revolution, and fortunately our Constitution allows the citizens a peaceful method. This mid-term election simply must be a public manifesto on ending the concept of entitlement to American political power. The corrupt Republicans were thrown out of office in the 2008 election. Now, the worse corruption of the Democrats must be purged.

It is not the act of purging that is often evil, but the methods used. Fortunately in America, we don't have to use bullets and torture. We can use a better tool -- the ballot of the people. The results are the same and for this nation at this time, are absolutely necessary for our future.

-- Ken Stallings

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