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The headlines scream the story. 

Indication after indication of the evils of radical Islam saturate the world's media.  A civil war has broken out between Hamas and Fatah militias -- the two largest representative groups of Palestinian people.  In addition, for the second time, one of the holiest mosques in all of Islam, the Mosque of the Golden Dome in Iraq, has been bombed by Al Qaeda suicide bombers.

This attack on the Golden Dome Mosque would be as a group of radical Catholics bombing Saint Paul's Basilica!

The recent Prime Minister of the Palestinian people, Mahmood Abbas, recently stated that he felt the situation in the Gaza Strip was safer under Israeli occupation.  A more damning indictment of the sadistic level of violence one cannot find.  Abbas is referred to as the "recent" PM because Hamas forces have now virtually destroyed and occupied all party offices and are assassinating and arresting government officials of both parties!

But is this truly shocking?  Hamas is the organization that teaches five year old children to hate and kill Jews.  It recently launched on its main television station a Mickey Mouse look-alike character who incited violence from children, and educated children that to strap on bomb vests and kill civilians was a glorious path in life.

It is time to speak of it plain.  Radical Islam is the Nazism of the 21st century.  Worse, it is spreading.  Iran and Syria have sponsored Hamas' orgy of violence.  Both nations have sponsored Hezbollah to attack both Israel and Lebanon.  Al Qaeda affiliated extremists in a Lebanese refugee camp are in open conflict with the Lebanese military.

And despite all of this the world must endure radical Muslim clerics, enjoying a life of peace in democracies, directly accuse America and Israel of carrying out these very attacks!  The shame of the lies would be shocking themselves even if they did not support such barbarous acts of murder.

The questions before the world's democratic nations are simple and yet profound.  When are we going to admit the dire times we live in?  When are we going to see this threat to humanity for what it is?  And, most importantly, when are we going to unite to defeat it?

Empty words of diplomacy have not worked.  The merchants of death continue unabated.  In fact, their lethality has only grown and their attacks become more brazen and numerous.  The barbarians are truly at the gate, and it is past time we unite to eradicate their psychotic force.

Addendum:  About two months after this column was first written, Hamas yielded to great international pressure and decided to remove the mouse character, Farfur, from their children's television show.  The gun-toting mouse character was replaced by a bumble bee who was first seen descending from the "heavens" to inform the children that Farfur was murdered by Israeli soldiers and has martyred his way into heaven. 

Nothing like teaching five year old children to hate Jews even more by telling them their favorite children's character was murdered by the hated Zionists!  To feed young children such hateful propaganda reveals a psychosis almost too deep to comprehend.  The resulting murder and violence of terrorism is, however, something the world has no choice but to comprehend.

-- Ken Stallings

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