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It is a strange truth that sometimes corrupt people will utter something profound.  James Comey in a recent social media post wrote:

"How will Republicans explain this to their grandchildren?"

In trying to desperately defend the indefensible, Comey asked a question to the world.  Of course, his question was merely an effort to challenge the legal foundation for investigating his role in authorizing at least two CIA informants infiltrating and initiating contact with Trump campaign officials.  Their mission was to plant nuggets of false information designed to entrap Trump campaign officials into linking themselves to Hillary Clinton's stolen email.

At this time, Sharyl Attkisson reports that seven Trump campaign officials were approached by these CIA informants.  Three of these men -- Sam Clovis, Carter Paige, and Michael Caputo, were approached by Stefan Halper, and rebuffed any and all offers, providing nothing whatsoever valuable to this entrapment scheme.

Then, a fourth official, George Papadopoulos, 29 years old at the time, and a low level staffer, was approached in March of 2016 by a different professor with extensive ties to British MI-6, Joseph Mifsud.  Mifsud hails from Malta, a British protectorate, and his ties to British intelligence are extensive.

Columnist Mark Steyn authored a very insightful piece that put together the sordid espionage effort initiated by Mifsud, and that targeted Papadolpoulis.  Mifsud initiated contact in a 14 March meeting in Italy, less than two weeks after Papadopoulis joined the Trump campaign foreign policy advisory staff.  Shortly after this first meeting, Mifsud set Papadopoulis up with a cushy position as head of the "Centre for International Energy and Natural Resources Law & Security."  As Steyn noted in his column, it was "a post for which [Papadopoulis] had no obvious qualifications." 

A week after the initial meeting, on 26 April, it seems that Mifsud met again with Papadopoulis, and informed the young Trump staffer that the Russian government had "dirt" on Hillary Clinton.  If this sounds familiar to the seedy offer made through third parties to Donald Trump, Jr., then it should.  It's the same MO! 

Mark Steyn reports that shortly before these meetings, Mifsud met multiple times with Claire Smith of the UK's Joint Intelligence Committee.  But, most importantly, Papadopoulis never accepted the bait.  He never made an overture to receive any salacious information against Hillary Clinton.  Nevertheless, the next strange encounter happened two days later when Papadopoulis was introduced to Erika Thompson, who worked for Australian diplomat Alexander Downer.  Less than a month after this meeting, on 6 May, Thompson contacted Papadopoulis to say that Alexander Downer wanted to meet to discuss a recent negative statement that Papadopoulis made about British PM David Cameron.

If it sounds strange that an Australian diplomat would concern himself with what an American citizen said about a British PM, then join the club!  But, on 10 May, the meeting was set up to take place at London's Kensington Wine Rooms.  Papadopoulis reported to the FBI that Downer told him to "leave David Cameron alone." 

After much drinking, later in this meeting, Papadopoulos told the diplomat that he had heard that Russia had "political dirt" on Hillary Clinton.  One can only imagine the back and forth conversations over cocktails before Papadopoulis said any of that.  Nevertheless, voila!  Soon Downer reported these statements by Papadopoulis to his Australian intelligence agency contacts, who in turn, relayed them to the CIA and ultimately to the FBI! 

At long last, enough of a weak link between a single Trump campaign associate and Russian "dirt" on Hillary Clinton was provided.  This was the so-called "smoking gun" that the FBI used to launch its now infamous Trump-Russia collusion investigation!

It is almost laughable that in several months of spying and attempted entrapment on Trump officials, this flimsy "connection" was the best that the spy ring could conjure up.  The effort plays out like a classic "Honey Pot" trap from a James Bond spy novel!  Sadly though, this bar meeting was transformed into a serious event when DOJ and FBI officials said it was the start of the Trump-Russia criminal investigation.  For nearly two years, this was the answer that the DOJ gave to anyone who asked when and why the FBI initiated their investigation into suspected Trump-Russian collusion.

However, now we learn that this was all a deliberate set up by the FBI and CIA to entrap, using British based informants, and that the informants who performed the contacts were paid considerable sums of money, and started their efforts months before this May 2016 bar meeting.

Chuck Ross of The Daily Caller wrote a March 2018 article that named Stefan Halper as another British based professor who worked as a CIA informant.  Halper has dual US/UK citizenship and is a professor at Cambridge.  US government records show that Halper was paid $400,000 during this spring 2016 timeframe.  In July of 2016, the FBI ordered Halper to initiate additional contacts with Papadopoulis, this time under the guise  of a $3,000 contract paid to Papadopoulis in return for a London speech. 

However, the real purpose was revealed when Halper initiated requests of Papdapoulis, reportedly asking him, "George, you know about hacking the emails from Russia, right?"  However, Papadopoulis was told this back in April by a man who was likely ordered by British intelligence to plant the idea of "Russian dirt on Hillary Clinton."  It is not a crime for someone to be told something and simply repeat it to other people!

What is now quite clear is that the CIA and FBI concocted an entrapment scheme to fraudulently link the Trump campaign to stolen Hillary Clinton email, using nothing but planted information, relying upon a carefully coordinated UK intelligence web to ensnare Trump associates, and then get it back to the CIA so that the FBI could initiate a criminal investigation on the Trump campaign.

Outrageously, all of these entrapment efforts failed to give the FBI sufficient evidence of an actual crime, so the FBI and CIA continued with a counter-intelligence mission against the Trump campaign, and invented a cross agency narrative that the DOJ could then use to fortify the Christopher Steele dossier to the FISA court. 

It seems very clear that Great Britain was willing to allow its own intelligence agencies to infiltrate and interfere with an American Presidential election!  With allies like this, who needs enemies!

All of this was carried out in the final half year of the Barak Obama administration.  And Stefan Halper's attempts to entrap other Trump officials reads like a laundry list of who's who in the Mueller investigation!

Check out this damning timeline:

In 2014, Halper met with General Michael Flynn and reported that he "was alarmed by the general's apparent closeness with a Russian woman who was in attendance at a meeting that Flynn attended."

In July 2016, Halper met with Carter Page at a symposium at Cambridge, England and offered him enticements regarding dirt on Hillary Clinton.  Page neither accepted the information, nor considered the meeting suspicious.  Remember, this is the same time that Halper engaged with George Papadopoulis!

In August 2016, Halper met with Sam Clovis, and offered his services as a "foreign policy advisor" to the Trump campaign.  Clovis took no actions from this meeting, nor accepted any of the promised "stolen email" of Hillary Clinton's that Halper also offered him.

Then, in September 2016, Halper invited Papadopoulis back to England to help author a paper regarding energy issues regarding Turkey, Israel, and Cyprus.  This was an area of policy which Papadopoulis was considered to be an expert.

Further, to raise the prospect of at least a third CIA informant working this setup campaign, Trump official Michael Caputo says that in May 2016, another yet un-named CIA spy approached him, offering to provide stolen email from Hillary Clinton's server.  Caputo rejected these overtures, and was horrified that someone would offer him what was purported to be stolen property.  Caputo also says that he reported details of this encounter to the Mueller investigators, and says that the Mueller team seemed entirely uninterested in this, despite the direct charge to the team to investigate Russian collusion. 

It was only several months after his meeting with Mueller's investigators that Caputo figured out the sordid nature of that contact, that in all likelihood the man who made this offer was a CIA spy or informant.  Caputo has chosen now to go the media and publicly relate these events directly to the people.

A handful of liberal Democrats are now publicly revealing their deep objections and concerns over these revelations of spying on the Trump campaign.  Former Hillary Clinton senior policy advisor Mark Penn may be the most prominent voice, so far.  Legal scholar Alan Dershowitz is also a leading voice in condemning what he terms the attempt to turn political disagreement into alleged crime.

It is now strongly indicated that former CIA Director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and former FBI Director James Comey, all while senior officials of Barak Obama's administration, entered into an illegal campaign to spy on the opposition party nominee for President, and tried to entrap several of his campaign and transition officials.  This effort appears to have been focused on creating links between these Trump officials and purported "stolen" Clinton email.

Senior Obama officials sought to create a crime and frame Trump officials!  That folks, is illegal, and certainly a mortal threat to America's election process!

From April to May of 2016, and perhaps longer, the best this spying effort could produce was a single statement from an Australian diplomat to the FBI.  That statement is best described as "six-way" hearsay -- some Russians purportedly (and likely contrived) told Joseph Mifsud, who told George Papadopoulis, who told Australian diplomat Alexander Downer, who then told his contacts in Australian intelligence, who then told the CIA, who then gave their information to the FBI!  With a six-way connection this sordid, one wonders if a cooking recipe could be accurately relayed, much less something that would seriously be considered a federal crime!

In truth, it was a set up job, where Mifsud and Halper worked with their British intelligence links, who in turn carried out the requests of John Brennan's CIA, to plant false information with Papadopoulis.  Then, a month later another meeting was set up with a young and attractive female Australian diplomat staffer, to perform a Honey Pot session with Papadopoulis, to get him liquored up, and then bring in a cooperative Australian diplomat to be the official reporting agent of a purported crime!

Watergate was termed a "third rate burglary."  The corrupt genesis of this Mueller investigation is rightly termed a third rate spy ring! 

As the sordid details of this highly illegal conspiracy unwinds, one overpowering conclusion becomes obvious.  We should modify James Comey's social media post to instead read:

"How will Americans explain this to their grandchildren?"

This is what we Americans shall tell our grandchildren:  We criminally prosecuted these corrupt people to find truth, obtain justice, and to preserve our Constitution, so that we can all continue to live in liberty!

-- Ken Stallings

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