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Sometimes, one just needs to hoist the liberals upon their own petard. For decades the libs rammed down society's throat special prosecutorial provisions in otherwise illegal actions by adding the moniker "hate speech" to the action. Personally, I'd just prefer to prosecute the action and not the associated speech.

Well, perhaps it is time to hoist Barney Frank upon his petard. How can calling a sitting Justice of the Supreme Court a "homophobe" constitute anything other than hate speech?

http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/03 ... homophobe/

This is the same Barney Frank already under rebuke for telling the American public that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were healthy merely months ahead of both imploding due to an avalanche of debt security collections pursuant to the mortgage default wave.

But more importantly, it again shows the hatred that too many in the gay community are now showing their fellow citizens. A respectful disagreement isn't indicated when the other side consistently resorts to bigotry in its rhetoric. Most Americans believe in a civil union provision allowing any two adults to enter into a partnership. Personally I favor this for all adults and believe it long overdue.

However, when we have Tom Hanks publicly label as "Un-American" anyone who voted in favor of Proposition 8, which decertified same-sex marriages in California, then you realize how overly far the personal intolerance has gone.

Like many, I anticipated where this was headed. I had cautioned gay activists to tread very cautiously in using their political capital to force radical changes to the basic societal fabric. Instead, they should have left the sacred compact of marriage alone and used their influence to craft sensible domestic partnership laws. Instead, these activists chose to upset the social order and draw condemnation from people who would have supported them otherwise but not on the touchstone issue of marriage.

But using bigotry against people who want marriage left between men and women is a serious misjudgment. It has already earned the ire of mainstream Americans and it will backfire very badly. Worse, these same gay activists routinely attempt to draw a moral comparison between their actions and those of civil rights crusaders during the 1950's and 1960's. The comparisons are empty, historically tone-deaf, and infuriating to those who sacrificed so much to champion the end of Jim Crow racism in the south and other less powerful forms of racism throughout the rest of America.

You now have honored civil rights leaders denouncing these myopic efforts at moral equivalency. These leaders rightly point out to the total absence of any organized groups attacking, killing, and intimidating gays such as the KKK did routinely to blacks in general and to civil rights leaders of all races. When the isolated attack on a gay person is brought to court, the courts rightly prosecute the criminal to the fullest extent of the law. This is in sharp contrast to the generations of southern jury nullification in cases of murder brought against Klansmen. To draw a comparison is to engage in specious reasoning correctly seen as over-hyped political grandstanding. The effort fails and brings discredit to the activists who do it.

Most gays want nothing to do with the agenda-driven ideologues. They see them much the way I do -- as political opportunists, more interested in radicalism than in true social harmony. Unfortunately, the media focuses upon the radical loudmouths.

There is no reason that two adults who are in a committed relationship cannot have visitation rights consistent with family rights in a hospital. There is no reason why two adults of any relationship cannot draft a formal social contract providing for rights of joint property. Government should have made provisions for this long ago. These are reasonable actions. Trying to tear up a social institution that pre-dates modern law is the worst form of agitation. It turns fair and principled people against your otherwise reasonable goals and exposes those urging it as frauds and radicals.

Barney Frank should be ashamed of himself but he's too radical to understand why he should be. America is tired of the bitterness and wishes a restoration of honorable debate principles in society's discourse. The media needs to focus more on the common-sense pragmatic majority and less on the shrill voices of radicalism.

-- Ken Stallings

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