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So, Joe Biden now publicly says he won't cooperate with any Senate subpoena to appear as a witness in any Senate impeachment trial.  In doing so, Joe Biden is apparently planning to use the well known concept of the "Presumptive Democratic Nominee for President Executive Privilege."  Nevermind that Joe Biden doesn't even poll a majority of party support in the early stages of the Democratic Primary, or that the odds now show a brokered DNC convention that will fight out who the actual nominee will be.  Also, nevermind the reality that said Democrat nominee would need to actually win the general election, and then be sworn in, before legally being allowed to invoke any claim of Executive Privilege.

The media, at least the mainstream leftist media, will of course gloss over all of that, as well as gloss over the reality that one of the two phony House charges of impeachment cite Trump's decision to go to the federal courts, vice surrender well established Executive Privilege.  To the minds of the Democrat mob in the House, going to the federal courts to settle a conflict between the Executive and Legislative branches is to be considered "contempt of Congress," whatever that actually means.

However, the media and the Dems together will blindly claim that Joe Biden is entirely justified in standing up to the Republican "lynch mob" in the Senate.  How dare the President be allowed his chance to actually present a defense case, that he had good reason to be concerned not only about general corruption in the Ukraine, but specifically concerned about Joe and Hunter Bidens' collective scheme to enrich themselves by leveraging Joe's previous position as Vice-President.

There are many federal laws that govern the conduct of people who hold federal office.  These laws serve to prevent someone from abusing that office for personal gain, the point being that those who hold such office could easily use their influence and power to enrich themselves at the expense of the American people.  The legal phrase is called "influence peddling," and for a public official is a terrible crime that sells out the people for personal profit.

A genuine concern about public officials doing that, especially in the context of a formal criminal investigation headed up by the Department of Justice and its Attorney General, is not a crime.  In fact, it's the opposite of a crime, it is a President fulfilling his oath of office and his Constitutional duty to ensure that the laws are faithfully executed.  Matter of fact, it would have been a crime had Donald Trump chosen to put his political interests first and ignored Joe Biden's seamy actions, vice ask for the Ukraine to look into the matter and cooperate with our AG's ongoing criminal investigations.

Of course Joe Biden recoils in false anger every time a journalist (the rare kind who believes in actual journalism) asks him about the relationship between him and his son in Ukraine, or China.  Of course, Joe Biden launches into a vitriolic diatribe, including thinly veiled threats, against any citizen who dares to ask Joe about the situation at a public town hall, and of course Joe Biden refuses to testify under oath to answer probing questions at an impeachment trial.

That is the pattern of behavior of guilty men.  The real surprise, though by now it shouldn't be, is how most of the American media play along with the self-promoting fiction, by giving Joe Biden political cover and support.  The ultimate irony in all of this is the distinct difference in approaches between the Dems and Donald Trump.  When Trump sees something he thinks is wrong, nearly unlimited subpoenas against his personal staff, he seeks redress in our federal courts.  That is termed by Nancy Pelosi's mafia hit squad as a crime.  When Joe Biden sees something he knows will likely do more than merely embarrass him, he bluntly states he won't cooperate with subpoenas.

Honest men seek the courts to obtain justice.  A guilty man relies upon a corrupt media for support when he bluntly tells the world it can pound sand when investigating his actions.  The good news is that more and more Americans are paying attention to this sordid double standard, and not just with the Biden's, but also with the media and the Democrat party.  In America today, we have an unholy alliance at work, scheming for their mutual advantage.  If one wishes to know how a nation as grand as the United States can become mired in decades of trade deficits, erosion of manufacturing jobs, and stagnant economic growth, then the answer is to look at this same unholy alliance, labeled accurately enough as the Washington Swamp.

These corrupt agents have seen America as a grand cash cow they could suck dry for their own selfish benefit.  Their scheme is to hand out favorable trade deals to foreign interests for the price of a few million dollars paid to them, exchanging corrupt deals that paid billions of dollars to these foreign interests.  It was the organized corrupt practices of these American lobbyists, politicians, and media personnel, who all spent the last several decades selling out their country to the highest bidder, a grand conspiracy of influence peddling that threatens to undermine America.  Trump cannot be bought by these people, and cannot be turned away from "draining the swamp."  Thus, Trump is a threat to these people, and everything they have dredged up against him is a desperate effort to bar him from ending this grand conspiracy.

What really scares the swamp creatures is their collective realization that the people are wising to them, and that's why Trump's support has increased despite all the corrupt efforts made against him.  As the ongoing criminal investigations unravel the mess, people like Joe Biden will have to stand under oath and answer very tough questions.  No Show Joe will soon enough become just another American citizen, who will be investigated for his part of a larger scheme to sell out America for personal profit.

-- Ken Stallings

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