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It's time to tell it plain.

Barrack Obama is a racist man! In fact, his brand of racism is far worse than that shown by most bigots. Obama is the rare kind who combines an intolerant view with raw power to enact his prejudices into policy to harm people. His kind has not been seen in politics since the days that George Wallace was foolishly blocking young men and women from a college education and John "Bull" Connor was unleashing men with clubs, guns, and water cannon on young people who were merely engaging in peaceful protests in support of their Constitutional rights.

I was only a baby when those men were plying their evil during the Jim Crow segregationist South. Yet, even George Wallace just a few years later publicly proclaimed his guilt and sincerely asked for forgiveness, which he received. He died a man of good heart and moral character.

At the time that such noble men as Martin Luther King compelled America to change its character to eventually achieve the "meaning of its creed," I was too young to know what was going on. But, I was certainly able to learn about it as I grew up. And having witnessed the fundamental changes that took place, I eventually reached a point where I became convinced that America had earned itself a place where a man or woman could achieve any level of personal success that talent could take him or her. I came to love my country even more because of these changes for the better.

What I see happening with the combination of Barrack Obama and his Attorney General, Eric Holder, is a return to racism expressed in naked form at the highest seat of government. It angers me to a profound level. Not because it offends people of my race, because frankly I don't give a damn about that. It angers me to a profound level because it offends the basic fairness of humanity. Further, the people carrying out this overt racism have themselves not faced one iota of the genuine racism that characterized America long before they came of age.

Obama is not King nor is he one of the myriad of black Americans who endured the worst of racism and yet did everything good for their country, such as Lee Archer, Benjamin O. Davis, and other men of the legendary Tuskegee Airmen. If a black man in America earned the right to be angry at America, them men such as them most certainly earned that right. Except, none of these men died angry at America. They appreciated where America was and what it became, and loved their country even more for it!

Obama earned an education at the finest universities in the world. He enjoyed a fair-minded electoral constituency that elected him to the US Congress, Senate and the Presidency. He is frankly the last man on earth who should rightly harbor anger at anyone, much less along a racial line.

So, when we see unmistakable evidence of racial prejudice, then it must be called out. When the US Justice Department under the Bush Administration initiated prosecution of two Black Panther activists for clear voter intimidation, it was considered a slam dunk case and sparked righteous outrage immediately. The civil case was fairly won because the two principle defendants didn't even have the courage to face their accuser. They skipped appearance.

Then, the AG Eric Holder, made it very clear where he stood on legal principles by ordering the Justice Department to drop the case after victory. All that was obtained was a watered down version of the punishment the judge had already handed down. The government plea bargained a reduced sentence AFTER the defendants were found guilty!

Now we find out that that in addition to that outrage, Holder personally made it clear that this administration will never prosecute a case against blacks when the victims are white! To further cement their guilt, they disallow a senior member of the Justice Department to answer a subpoena to appear before a Congressional Committee investigating the matter! The whistleblower has made it clear that this senior member can validate his claims and would if he were allowed to appear. If the whistleblower's remarks are bunk, the the White House is going about their reaction all wrong. Their stubborn stonewalling has simply added credence to his claims.

The rather intriguing scene of the "beer summit" offered a possibility.  But, at the time it could be attributed to frustration and a single intemperate remark.  However, this latest scandal isn't some singular, off-the-cuff remark.  It reveals instead a strategic calculation, made over time, and with plenty of analysis ahead of time.  Therefore, it is far more damning.

For me, this harkens back to sad times where powerful men allowed their policies to be driven by race and not impartiality. This administration seems raised to believe in revenge for perceived slights of generations past. This myopia ignores the fact that no one alive and in power today was in power back in the days of past racist policies. Instead, their misguided revenge simply threatens to usher in a new age of racial class warfare and pure anger.

The mainstream media that clearly advocated for Obama on a desire to trump a last hurdle in racial equality has predictably ignored the story. This merely adds to their corruption. But the irony is that at the point that America's emergence out of a racist past should reach its zenith, instead the greatest benefactor of that pinnacle is threatening to undo much of the advantages gained.

-- Ken Stallings

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