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Initially, there are several conclusions one can reasonably draw from the 2020 election.  Each deserves its own analysis.

First, the media has further descended down the rabbit hole of its own making, including Fox News forever cutting off its historical ties to Roger Ailes' creed that Fox News be "Fair and Balanced."  Contrary to popular media opinion, Fox News never has been the voice of conservative America.  Instead, under Ailes' leadership, it charted a course of playing it straight, bringing a balanced number of conservative, libertarian, and liberal voices.  Anyone remember the Hannity and Colmes Show that featured conservative Sean Hannity and liberal Alan Colmes?

When Ailes was forced out, Lachlen Murdoch assumed his leadership position, and one could see signs of changes.  Now, Fox led the charge to prematurely call Arizona for Biden, making that call around 23:00 eastern time on election night.  That decision may end up being a terrible black eye for Fox News, as the vote lead that Biden enjoyed on election night has been steadily whittled down to the point now where it is just 18,000 total votes -- well within the margin of a mandatory manual recount, and there are still around 90,000 more ballots to count.  The trends over the last several days is that this pool of late counted ballots have trended Donald Trump's direction by anywhere from a 60-40 to 52-48 margin.  Nothing indicates this will change, meaning the Arizona margin will diminish more before all the ballots are initially counted.  There is now also a pending lawsuit filed charging election officials in Maricopa County with giving thousands of voters incorrect information to correct over-vote ballots, showing them a method that ended up invalidating their ballot.

The situation in Pennsylvania is replete with shocking violations of law, not just because the state supreme court rewrote election law a month before the election, but also because several Democrat dominated counties violated the US Supreme Court ruling that all ballots that arrived after the election, must be kept segregated from the other ballots.  The degree of these violations are such that Justice Samuel Alito issued a rare presumptive ruling that repeated the mandate to Pennsylvania election officials to segregate those ballots.  Moreover, kicking Republican vote observers out of the counting rooms in these same Dem-dominated counties will further the legal tangle, and combined, might easily result in invalidation of all the ballots counted after election night's initial vote stoppage.  Any ruling like that by the US Supreme Court, and Pennsylvania could have its final certified election count reverted back to the hugely positive Trump favor.

Second, the 2020 election has already been tainted by political machine misdeeds, to such an extent, that regardless of how the final result turns out, a large number of Americans simply will not trust the election outcome.  That is the worst possible result of an American election.  If the people lose faith in the election process, what is left for people who do not agree with the outcome?  This is frankly why the post-election counting in Pennsylvania required that, of all people, the Republican voter observers should have been given the greatest degree of access, to verify the legality and sanctity of the count.  Kicking them out, combined with a shocking late reversal of a huge initial Trump advantage after election night, causes reasonable people to openly believe that Pennsylvania is now a rigged election.

The nation that for generations has stood for fair and free elections has now lost that mantle of moral authority.  That's a terrible generational price to pay to win a single election, and it seems doubtful that the media, the bureaucrats, and the political operatives care one bit.

Other shenanigans have been revealed in Milwaukee, where it is reported that around 90% of registered voters apparently cast ballots in the 2020 election, a total participation level that dwarfs even the best previous election records.  In Arizona, down ballot election results are significantly better for Republican state candidates than are the election results for President and the contested US Senate seat.  By itself, this doesn't really conclude anything untoward happened.  But, it could be explained by a concerted effort to fabricate phony mail-in ballots for Biden/Harris and Mark Kelly.  In a race to craft phony ballots, it would be reasonable for those manufacturing these ballots to save time by just filling out the major national races, and omitting votes for the local ballot initiatives and under card contests.

In Nevada, things are worse.  The state election officials deliberately destroyed the cover envelopes for mail in ballots, and decided to include tens of thousands of ballots that were not postmarked nor signed in ways required by Nevada election law.  Clark County in particular appears guilty of this, throwing those votes in Clark County into a potential lawsuit. 

In Georgia and Pennsylvania, there are thousands of examples of illegal ballot curing, where election workers brought to a voter's attention errors in mail-in and absentee ballots, and allowed those voters a do-over opportunity.  Further, many people observed Fulton county election officials hand ballots to in-person voters without checking their voter registration cards against the voter registration roles, to ensure said people were legal voters.  Again, that's illegal in Georgia.  The principle areas where these illegal practices happened was in Democrat voter-rich Fulton County in Georgia, and in Philadelphia.

In Michigan, election officials reported that they discovered where 6,000 Trump votes were converted in the electronic tally to Biden, and they said it was caused by a software glitch.  Worse, they reported that the same software, with the software error, was used in hundreds of precincts in Wisconsin, as well as in around 30 states.  Michigan officials have since reported that this error was due to failure by the county election officials to apply a software patch to the software prior to the election.  However, the question should be looked at to determine if other precincts made the same mistake.

The popular vote tally for President offers another very interesting insight.  Joe Biden currently enjoys 75 million votes.  Donald Trump enjoys about 71 million votes.  What that means is that the so-called expected "negative Trump" vote simply never materialized, as Trump earned more votes in history than any other Republican Presidential candidate.  In 2016, Trump won about 63 million votes and Hillary Clinton earned about 66 million votes.  Trump did not alienate Republicans.  Instead, he vastly expanded the election tally for Republicans, and also earned vastly higher Hispanic and black Republican votes than in any other modern day election.  Yet, we are supposed to believe that despite Trump earning eight million more votes in 2020, that Biden would still be able to earn nine million more popular votes than Clinton did in 2016?  How much of that can be placed on legitimate mail-in votes, and how much to massive nationwide mail-in vote fraud?  It's a serious question that deserves honest investigation and reportage, but forget the current mainstream American media caring to investigate, much less report.

Will Donald Trump end up winning the 2020 election?  Well, contrary to the media, this column will not attempt to answer that question.  Instead, we will state the truth -- the election is not over, and the outcome will likely be determined in whole, or in part, by the courts, likely the US Supreme Court.  In Pennsylvania, the pending suits are very strong.  In the other states, the outcome is within the boundary for a manual recount, and that will take several weeks to complete after the initial tabulations.  It will take several more days to just complete the initial tabulations.

The media made a rush to judgment for the Democrats, continuing their headlong effort into deciding America's politics, vice merely reporting on it and analyzing it.  The media had little trust with the people coming into November 3rd, and sadly has eroded even more of that trust, especially Fox News, who might end up losing the most due to their reportage of this election. 

Still, the truly tragic realization is that, due to the role of the mail in ballots, and the way such huge post election swings took place in many states, the people have lost confidence in the entire election process, a result than no Constitutional Republic can tolerate.  That tragic outcome is now locked in.  No effort to litigate fraud, correct honest errors, and rectify this election in the courts, will remove that stain of mistrust.  That's as indelible now as the famous blue inked Iraqi fingers during their historic elections after Saddam Hussein's ouster.  Sadly, it appears now like America is in need of international election monitoring, and there's no nation out there with the legitimacy to provide it.  The nation that for generations has stood for fair and free elections has now lost that mantle of moral authority.  That's a terrible generational price to pay to win a single election, and it seems doubtful that the media, the bureaucrats, and the political operatives care one bit.

We the people must care, and we must not settle for any hiding of sins.

-- Ken Stallings

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