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Take your pick.  From among hundreds of different events, one stood out on one particular day.  At the same time increasingly desperate politicians again claimed peace had broken out in our time, we received news of a shooting incident at a Portland apartment building, where 150 rounds were fired during a single rampaging attack.  Another night of bombs, arson attempts, and general mayhem reigned against the same federal courthouse in Portland that has seen relentless attacks for over 80 days now.  Who are people who carry out such criminality?

Psychologists call them nihilists -- people who believe there is no objective morality, and life is meaningless.  When normal people are handed a freshly ripened peach, at its peak of flavor, they eat the sweet fruit.  A nihilist would do something different.  Hearing that a peach seed contains cyanide, they are the type of people who would prefer to throw away the fruit and eat the poison.

Americans enjoy a very enviable standard of living, which the nihilists and the power hungry seem bent upon destroying.  Perhaps the saddest reality is that this enviable lifestyle has encourage some people to become so disconnected from reality that they hate themselves for having a good life.  That explains the high percentage of white college students, mostly from liberal elite parents, who populate the Antifa goon squads ravaging our cities.

Assuming you could arrest one, and with the no bail policies in place, actually keep them in jail long enough to study, a budding psychology student could write a doctoral thesis on what makes Antifa types tick.  For the police who have to stand between Antifa, and the people and places they want to destroy, the desire to know what makes them tick is substantially less important than knowing how to defeat them.  That noble desire is made far more difficult by gutless politicians who treat the police like the enemy, and Antifa like they are a misunderstood group of idealists.

For those who are cursed to live in Portland, Chicago, Seattle, and other cities engulfed in senseless nightly violence, their public duty is to support the police, and condemn the cowardly politicians who's myopia engineered all this needless suffering.  The majority of these people voted for these municipal leaders, so they are not without their own culpability.  They can redeem themselves by choosing now to stand against the anarchists, and reclaim their city.  For the politicians devoid of a spine, the public needs to hand them one, and make them wear it.

There should no longer be an openly aligned member of Antifa, anywhere in America, without threat of immediate arrest.  The misery that Antifa has unleashed is worse than mere gang activity, and worse than organized crime.  Want to know why the phrase, "bad for business," became a euphemism inside organized crime for placing a contract on a rogue mafia member?  It's because mafia dons knew that for them to survive they had to avoid becoming an eminent threat to society.  Because, if they ever crossed that line, then society would remove the niceties and unleash hell upon organized crime.

In that regard, the mafia showed more common sense restraint than does Antifa.

The score card of senseless destruction can carry through until November it seems.  As we count the days, what becomes the central question is how many Americans are bidding their time before handing down a severe lesson toward politicians, who's craven natures facilitated the mass violence we see around us.  If by chance, there is someone in your circle for whom Antifa is anything other than a collection of sadistic nihilists, then perhaps it is time to try to reason with said person, and convince them that the life they are living is one worth protecting, and the liberty we should all embrace is something worth more than life itself.  If everyone becomes fed up with it, then election night might be the most seismic political event in our lifetimes.

Polls are already tightening, which is amazing considering how desperately the polling agencies are cooking the books to ensure the results show Joe Biden leading, and placing every red state in the toss up category, and every toss up state firmly in Biden's camp.  Those results are what happens when a polling agency over samples Democrats by over ten percentage points and under samples independents by about 20 percent.  Even with those skews, Biden's once formidable lead is shrinking as the DNC machine just cannot seem to keep Biden from sticking his foot in his mouth. 

Not content with one racial insult in a single day, Biden decided to turn one better, and on one day racially insulted Hispanics and blacks in consecutive interviews.  When someone walks around with a monolithic mentality, believing that people think and act by their race, vice their individual philosophies, then racism comes naturally.

What Biden never learned is that people are individuals, and belong to just one race, the human race.  The least people try to compartmentalize based on truly unimportant aspects of humanity, the easier they can evaluate people on the individual level, as wise people have done for generations.  The second thing Biden never learned is that you don't base social policy on the outlier examples.  You don't defund, or as Biden speciously phrased it transfer funds from, the police because a handful are bad cops.  The percentage of bad teachers is much higher than for bad cops.  No one is seriously demanding we defund our education systems!

Fed a steady diet of singular insight, misleading and often fraudulent data, and a thought police that has unhinged itself from all common sense, one can sense a tidal wave of angry Americans rightfully fed up with a self-appointed social warrior class, who desire to tell people how to live and think. 

Let's hope election day sends the right message to the people who deserve it.  That same message was sent in 2016, but fell on the deaf ears of those most in need of it.  If the wannabe tyrant class remains deaf to the obvious, then amid losing elections, they will eventually destroy and tyrannize their way to absolute irrelevancy.  Prison cells seem an appropriate place for these people to pass their immaterial lives.  Given they recently emptied the jails and put thousands of felons back on the streets, there are plenty of spots available for them to occupy. 

We can be charitable and offer them plenty of fresh fruit, and allow them to choose to toss the fruit and eat the seeds.

-- Ken Stallings

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