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This won't be a long column.  The truth often is easy to express, and even easier to perceive.  Over the course of two weeks, two entirely different visions for America were expressed in detail, each side having a week to state them to the public.  One vision focused on America being a systemically racist nation, deeply flawed, and corrupted by unfairness and inequity.  The second vision stated that America is the best nation on earth because our Constitution guarantees unalienable human liberty, and that freedom unleashes the human soul, and allows people the best opportunity to create and pursue their own personal dreams.

In response to those two different expressions, supporters of each side also revealed what motivates and guides them.  That contrast was stark at the conclusion of the Republican National Convention, when last Thursday night, supporters of Donald Trump peacefully walked back to their homes and cars, and were immediately surrounded by supporters of Joe Biden, and had objects thrown at them, megaphones placed literally on top of their ears as thugs screamed insults at them, shoved cops and citizens, and in other places in America that same night, continued the raging violent riots and arson that has gripped this nation for the past six months.

The latest excuse was the police arrest and shooting of Jacob Blake.  That arrest was reported by the media entirely per script, because that's the only way the mainstream media is allowed to operate today.  Immediately after the situation happens, the media fabricates a lying narrative and reports it widely, deliberately refusing to temper their reportage until all the facts are released, or worse, deliberately ignoring known facts that would temper their enthusiasm.  Rabble rousing is one thing, but the media pattern today is worse.  It's about political manipulation of reality, to present a warped and fraudulent narration.

Immediately, the statements of Blake's attorney were taken at face value, lies that Blake was shot despite being unarmed and peaceful.  This attorney knew his client held a knife to hold off the police.  Ignored by the media were initial statements from police that Blake violently resisted arrest on an outstanding felony arrest warrant.  The lawyer knew about that arrest warrant also.  It was not until a solid week passed, complete with the left's rehearsed playbook of protests, walkouts, and solemn editorials, that the media finally reported that Blake did hold a knife, did put a cop into a headlock, and did thwart previous efforts by the cops to subdue his violence using stun guns.  Finally, it was reported that Blake then walked to his car, holding the knife against the cops, holding them at bay, while opening the door to reach inside.  All this time, the cops told Blake to drop his knife. 

This was witnessed by multiple citizens, and yet somehow the media could not find one citizen to put before a camera to factually explain all this, not until a full week had passed, and several riots had already reduced much of Kenosha, Wisconsin to smoldering embers.  It was only after the cops saw Blake reach into his car that they shot him, given they believed he was reaching for a gun, having already threatened them with his knife.  It was when the cops shot Blake that he finally dropped the knife onto the floorboard of his car.

Cops have the legal right to arrest a citizen.  Citizens do not have the legal right to resist that arrest.  When a court issues an arrest warrant, the police are legally obligated to serve that warrant and arrest the person when they encounter him.

The arrest warrant had been issued because Blake had violated a court issued restraining order as part of an ongoing sexual assault investigation and complaint.  Dispatch records from the arrest show that the cops had identified Blake and confirmed the outstanding felony warrant.  This is when they tried to arrest him.

That warrant was issued because Blake broke into a woman's home, threatened her,  and sexually molested her while she was asleep in her own bed at 06:00 in the morning.  Blake went further by taking the keys to this woman's car, and stealing it.  This woman used to be Blake's girlfriend, but she had broken off the relationship after Blake's pattern of physical abuse.  This is when Blake broke into her home.  Blake was arraigned and released on bond, and the arrest warrant was issued after Blake violated the terms of that restraining order.

These facts about Jacob Blake were public record prior to the arrest, but not a single media source reported them until after a weeklong destructive series of riots, resulting in the murder of two people in Kenosha.

If you are tired of this nonsense, then consider well the two visions for the future of America that were presented in August, in the chosen words of each side.  The Democrats decided to twice remove the phrase, "under God," when its members recited the Pledge of Allegiance.  The Republicans spoke about preserving our Constitution under God.  The Democrats not once mentioned the six months of mass lawlessness raging across America, though they did try to portray Blake as a victim vice a felon.  The Republicans condemned this violence, and stated their support for police doing their job to enforce our laws.  The Democrats told Americans that they are consumed by racism and hatred.  The Republicans openly criticized supporters of Joe Biden for actually displaying their hate and anger.

This column doesn't need to be long to tell the truth.  This November, we have the opportunity to make the choice about what future we want for America.  One hopes we choose the wiser course.

-- Ken Stallings

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