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Only the truth needs to be censored.  The need is evil, in that a lie can only endure if the truth to counter it is denied public airing.  In a fair competition of ideas, the truth always wins.  There have never been any great organizations named truth ministries.  In tyrannies, it has always been true that there were present what were named propaganda ministries.  This is because to successfully spread a lie, a vast network of scheming is needed to both air the lie, and deny any public release of the truth that would counter it.

Truth does not need to be carefully rehearsed, and certainly not memorized.  Truth draws freely from the tongue, repeats itself effortlessly, and draws its consistency naturally.  Lies need to be prepared, reviewed, tweaked, rehearsed, and still for all those careful plans, is often destroyed by the barest mention of truth.

It is not evil, nor rude, to tell the truth to someone.  It is rude to lie, and evil to lie about matters vital to good public policy.

Truths can be self-evident, such as all men being created equal in the eyes of God.  Other truths are just as clear, such as governments deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, and only to the goal of securing the blessings of liberty.  The US Constitution is brief enough to carry in one's hip pocket.  Today's Congressional budgets need a sturdy table just to support all the paper needed to codify it.  This proves that truth is simple.  What is complicated is often lies.

There is nothing to fear from the truth and everything to love about it.  Anger from truth is the distillate of deception falling out of the clean waters of virtue.  What is left is the beauty of clarity and honesty, and from it flows the foundation of respect and integrity.  Truth is not malice, but the ultimate act of respect.

One of the principles that an honest person learns early is that telling and living by the truth means never having to think long before speaking, unless the truth is that one is unsure what the truth is, and then silence becomes virtue.  There is no need to carefully consider one's words when there is no fear of a nugget of lie being revealed.  Truth is not unkind, and above all, there is nothing in telling the truth that is hateful.

Given all this, no one should be the least surprised by today's leftists being brazen about their desire to silence speech.  The only speech that needs to be silenced is the truth, and only for the purpose of supporting lies.  When social media platforms preach empty Gospels about suppressing hate speech, what they are doing is lying about their desire to silence the truth. 

A lie spread openly and widely can easily be negated by a brief telling of the truth.  Facts, figures, laws, measures, all work vastly more effectively than does books of rehearsed deception.  If there was no illegal voting methods used in the 2020 election, then allowing people to provide their information asserting so, would merely set them up for ridicule, once the truth was set loose upon them.

Evidence though, in the forms of hundreds of eyewitness sworn statements, does much to blunt the great lie that the 2020 election was pure.  Showing factual graphs of incredible vote spikes, indicating near instantaneous additions of tens of thousands of ballots, something not even the most capable of voting tabulation machines can perform, add more objective fact-based evidence to the plate.  When nearly all of these spikes go in favor of one candidate, who overall earned perhaps at most a few percentage points more votes, then the evidence of fraud become clear.  Video tape, that is time stamped by security camera systems, showing rolling suitcases of ballots in Fulton County, Georgia, being brought out from under covered tables, almost immediately after mandated election observers are removed from the tabulation rooms, are facts.  Why hide what is honest?  Only deception and criminality must be hidden.

Calling people evil who point out these, and many other clear irregularities, is not moral. 

People wanting honest elections do not need to petition courts a month before a major election.  They would instead petition their state legislatures to study proposed amendments to election law, well before the next election, and convince a majority to vote in favor of the new laws.  Moreover, threats of lawsuits are not needed to amend election law through illegal executive agreements, that circumvent the state legislatures.  Such lawsuits are morally needed only to ensure that the written laws are properly adhered to when the elections are held.  People who point out these truths are not evil, and are not engaging in hate speech, nor conspiracy theories. 

When social media, mainstream media, and politicians all decide it is necessary to brand truth tellers as purveyors of hate speech, then one knows that a grand lie is being defended.  When truth tellers are banned from the public stage, then we know those doing the banning are no longer acting in the interests of the people, but instead in their own selfish interests, to hide corruption and criminality.

Ignorance survives only when corrupt people try to silence the truth, to deny the truth to the people. 

Efforts to destroy the free exchange of ideas and philosophies in social media, academia, and the mainstream media, all reveal a cowardice, and a lack of confidence, in the philosophies driving those who urge the silencing.  A person armed with the truth actually invites the lie to be uttered, as widely as possible, and then cannot wait for the relatively short period of time needed to speak the truth to refute it.  The last thing a truth teller wants is for the lie to be silenced.  By all means, let everyone hear the foolishness, only to let the wisdom of truth ring true, and destroy the liars forever.  This is true even for the most despicable of lies.

Holocaust deniers should be allowed the widest possible public platform.  Because, by their efforts, they can be refuted, and rendered irrelevant, by their own words and actions.  All that's needed is the truth of video, photos, witness statements, and the decaying ruins left present of the death camps scattered across Eastern Europe.  We don't fear the utterance of such hateful lies.  We merely fear the inability to articulate the truth to refute them.  And since it's true that even these most despicable of lies can be refuted powerfully by the truth, then there is no lie, nor hatred, that cannot be crushed by the truth, and therefore nothing than can be said in public that must be silenced.

True hate speech is revealed best when truth is aired behind it, when principles of equality, courage, fairness, and justice are given their proper airing, and in so doing, spread love and truth to properly defeat hate and lies.

There is nothing to fear from the truth and everything to love about it.  Anger from truth is the distillate of deception falling out of the clean waters of virtue.  What is left is the beauty of clarity and honesty, and from it flows the foundation of respect and integrity.  Truth is not malice, but the ultimate act of respect.

What the American left is doing now is revealing their evil, both in act and intent.  They are seeking to mask the truth and by it erect the veil of ignorance, blinding the public, to foster malicious policies and deeds.  What is needed is all our efforts to punish the liars, by seeking all opportunities to bravely tell the truth, even to the point of daring the liars to act out against us.  By their malice, they show their desperation, as well as their corrupt alliance with deception and lies.  This will be their undoing, and ultimately our best chance for salvation.

-- Ken Stallings

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