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There have been at least three independent and highly vetted news reports of FBI agents, actual agents, being part of the mob that entered the Capitol building on 6 January, and actively participated in destruction of property, plus encouraged others to break the law.  These same reports also cite FBI informants doing the same thing.  Informants are private citizens working with the FBI.  In particular, thousands of hours of videotape of these actions have been kept hidden from public access, per reportage from Fox News' Tucker Carlson.  His reports have been verified by reporting from Breitbart News and Newsmax.  It all seems aimed to keep the public unaware of this outrage.

The outcome is the same, the FBI is not merely infiltrating and observing potential illegal organizations to protect the public, something only the foolish would object to, but instead actively planning and executing those actions that are themselves illegal.  That crosses the line into false flag operations, and may well also constitute entrapment.  The FBI is creating the crimes that they then work with the DOJ, to selectively prosecute only the few who were not working for federal law enforcement.  The agents and informants get a free pass to avoid prosecution.

Rabble rousing is itself a crime, one that historically has tittered on the edge of freedom of speech versus criminal actions, and so it is rarely prosecuted under the "incitement to violence" code.  However, as these reports have shown, these FBI agents on 6 January encouraged people to break the law and illegally enter the Capitol to interrupt official legislative business, itself a crime beyond just the criminal trespass.  How ironic that the Dems in Congress leapt immediately to try to impeach Donald Trump for incitement, when it seems very clear now that the FBI had dozens of agents and informants actually in the mob, with eyewitness testimony and video showing their participation and encouragement for others in the crowd to commit crimes.

Combine that with the video showing Capitol Hill police officers removing barricades without any people trying to force their way past them, and simultaneously waiving the people to enter the Capitol building, plus unlocking the doors from the inside, and one now has compelling evidence of a premeditated criminal conspiracy on the part of federal law enforcement, likely reaching all the way to senior elected and appointed federal government leaders.  This is well past incompetence in failure to protect public property, and now seems far more sinister and premeditated.

This corruption reached into other recent law enforcement prosecutions, where at least three of the five people directly part of the plot to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer, ended up being either actual FBI agents or FBI informants, and that these law enforcement officials and informants were the most active in crafting the criminal plans, plus carrying out their actions.  That conspiracy was immediately used during the 2020 election by Dems, as evidence of domestic terrorism.  Now, it seems at least plausible that this plot was primarily driven by FBI agents and informants.  Combine that with the sad example decades ago at Ruby Ridge, a law enforcement tragedy that was started by actions that a federal court later ruled was illegal entrapment of Randy Weaver, in a plot to coerce him into becoming a BATF informant.

It seems clear that despite that national tragedy, federal law enforcement has failed to learn and apply any lessons, but instead now appear to engage in far more widespread actions that appear to create criminals and conspiracies, vice observe and investigate actual crimes, committed on their own merits.

Yet, as with the Capitol building mob from 6 January, none of these FBI agents nor informants have been indicted for crimes.  Many who have been indicted have been kept in solitary confinement 23 out of 24 hours for several months now, without having their cases going to trial.  Known mob members who were Antifa and BLM leaders, some of whom on tape damaged property, were released without bail, and one wonders if they will ever be charged.  Add that disturbing fact to the lack of indictments against federal law enforcement, and we have another terrible example of two justice systems in a nation that is supposed to enjoy equal protection under the law.

We also must now add this to the concerns over the needless shooting death of Ashley Babbitt by the Capitol Hill police lieutenant, who has gone without even administrative discharge and was exonerated by the DOJ.  What if federal law enforcement agents actually goaded her into her illegal trespass of the Capitol building, plus potentially into her act to try to enter the broken side window leading to House offices, the action that resulted in her deadly shooting?  If that actually happened, then these agents, or informants, should be criminal accessories to her death.

More clear and egregious than all of this, we have the incredible act of a former Assistant FBI Director of Counterintelligence, Frank Figliuzzi, who used his current capacity as an MSNBC contributor, to actually say, "you've got to attack and dismantle the command and control element of a terrorist group, that may mean people sitting in Congress right now, people in and around the former President (Donald Trump)."  This is nothing short of chilling, and shows the utter contempt of law that too many in federal law enforcement now appear to operate with.

Given all of this, with many more recent examples to pull from, it is time we dismantle the FBI.  For all the good that they have done in the past, the FBI has made so many outright blunders, from Richard Jewell to Ruby Ridge and Waco, to the criminal "Russiagate" spectacle, now with these repeated acts of creating the crimes they work to selectively prosecute, and we have a federal law enforcement agency that is a clear threat to American liberty.

Of government mocking Constitutional liberties, Abraham Lincoln had a very wise statement, saying, "When it comes to this I should prefer to emigrate to some country where they make no pretense of loving liberty -- to Russia, for instance, where despotism can be taken pure, without the base alloy of hypocrisy."

It is past time that those who swore oaths to our Constitution, who's actions are making a mockery of its provisions, be removed from office.  Moreover, these law enforcement institutions now appear beyond repair, and should be dismantled from top to bottom, and its members at least returned to private pursuits, wholly removed from any access to government power.  Sadly, due to the massive levels of corruption, there is no other rational alterative.  We're better off getting by without the services of the FBI than continuing to have our Constitutional liberties usurped by a federal law enforcement agency that has completely lost its way.

-- Ken Stallings

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