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"We are outraged the president would assassinate a foreign official."  -- Ilhan Omar

You are who you embrace. 

Illhan Omar is the same Congressman who previously condemned US forces and called their operations in Somalia as murder.  She has repeatedly written grossly anti-Semitic statements.  And now, with this latest outrage, she has decided to provide moral support to Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Iranian Quds forces, a unit that has carried out acts of terrorism in multiple nations throughout the Middle East and East Africa.  Soleiman is the man who ordered his forces to manufacture explosive formed projectiles, a particularly lethal explosive device that has killed hundreds of American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Soleimani was also responsible for attacks on the governments of Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  His unit directly funds, trains, and equips Hezbollah, as well as orders them to attack Israel.

Lastly, Soleimani was the man who ordered Hezbollah thugs into Iran to attack and kill Iranian students who engaged in civil protest against the Iranian regime.  It is estimated that he ordered the deaths of thousands of Iranian youth during his time in power.

Soleimani is not some "foreign official."  He is a notorious international terrorist and ring leader of Iran's ongoing effort to destabilize the entire region and orchestrate a Persian empire.  Due to a bold and entirely righteous order by Donald Trump, Soleimani's evil command is ended, and the Quds forces are degraded to a significant degree.  That's a result everyone should embrace.

Illhan Omar is far more than a public disgrace, she's a dangerous radical, who harbors clear sympathies with Islamic terrorists, and who embraces a virulent anti-Semitism.  It would be bad enough if she was an outlier, but sadly, she's hardly alone within the Democrat party, as well as among American leftists, all of whom hate Donald Trump so much, that they would even condemn the killing of an international terrorist, a man who was targeted because of his illegal visit to Baghdad to organize further attacks on American troops, as well as further attacks against the Iraqi government.  He's also the man who commands the Iraqi Shiite milita groups who attacked our Iraqi embassy, just days before he was killed by American defense personnel.

Killing Soleimani is not an act of war, as Omar foolishly claimed it was.  Instead, it was clearly an act of self-defense against someone dedicated to initiating violence against Americans for his own political benefit.  Soleimani is the one who carried out acts of war against America, our allies, and regional governments, and he did so for many years.  And by all international law and norms, attacking a nation's embassy is as sure an act of international warfare as there is.

All this is bad, but somehow Omar finds even more avenues to project her stupidity into the public discourse.  In addition to all else, she says that Trump is trying to "distract" America by ordering our military to attack Soleimani, as if Americans are themselves too ignorant to see the good in killing a terrorist leader, while at the same time holding objective conclusions about many other domestic issues.  Of course, with the American economy in full gear, and the Democrats making fools of themselves with meritless impeachment, one has to seriously wonder what it is that Donald Trump wishes to distract attention from?

This cancerous trend of promoting evil goes well into our mainstream media, where the New York Times took a cue from Omar, and decided to run a video of Soleiman "reciting poetry ... about friends departing him and him being left behind."  One does not need warped lessons that even evil people sometimes have a human side.  Adolph Hitler liked his dog Blondie, until he used the dog as a guinea pig to test the poison on before giving it to Eva Braun to kill herself with!

The historical context of Hitler is not that he liked his dog, until he killed it, but that instead he was a murderous monster.  Soleimani did not murder on the scale of Hitler, but he was certainly trying to work his way to that level!  No, what the NYT should have done is shown the human side of the many thousands of innocent Iranian youth and the several hundred of American servicemen and women whom Soleiman ordered killed.  Americans should celebrate someone's right to protest a government they disagree with, not turn a blind eye when said government unleashes a goon like Soleimani to systematically order thugs to murder those protesters by the score!

If Americans wish to know when Democrats, and their leftist media allies, could again be regarded as loyal opposition, such a reasonable conclusion can only happen after these people start rallying around obvious good developments.  Taking out a man who's murdered thousands of innocent civilians, hundreds of American soldiers, and worked to destabilize multiple governments, is something that all rational and moral people see as a good action.  And those who condemn such a good action must themselves be openly questioned as to their morality and judgment.

-- Ken Stallings

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